Is SEJITS a library?

No SEJITS is a family of frameworks for writing libraries that take advantage of specialized hardware and algorithms

Who is SEJITS for?

SEJITS is aimed at efficiency programmers looking for easier ways to implement complex high performance code. It can help bridge gap between high level representation and low level implementation.

What's the overhead for SEJITS?

Specialized kernels can have very different overhead depending on the amount of tuning they employ. These can be controlled by the library writer and the end user.

Which framework should I use?

CTree is the framework with the most active development. It is designed to be easier to install and to minimize run-time overhead and complexity. Previous parts of the ASP framework are being ported as the need arises. If you don't see something you want in CTree, let us know!

ASP is the first generation framework. It has support for specific software and configurations that CTree does not directly support but for which usually there is a desirable alternative.